Tartan Kilts

Welcome to Great Kilts! Here we are providing you with the wonderful experience of kilts. Kilts are the knee-length pleated skirt usually used by men. It is a symbol of Scottish pride and heritage. But now it is not only used in Scotland and Ireland but also in the US and UK. Great Kilt is providing you a huge range of the kilts. These may be of different colors and different fabrics. Complete customization is also available in these kilts for you. Such as size customization, length customization, color customization, and fabric customization.


The fabric that is used to make kilts is tartan. Scottish kilts are usually made in tartan. Tartan fabric has horizontal and vertical stripes in different colors, on a colored background that stripes are known as setts. It originated in the Highlands of Scotland. Scottish people wear a tartan kilt in the beginning. Originally, people used local plants, mosses, and berries to dye the tartan sett. Later on, kilts are made in cotton, wool, leather, and denim.


Hardware that is used in these kilts is rings, d-rings, buckles, buttons, etc. Great kilts make ensure that the hardware used in these kilts must be corrosion-free and of good quality. This hardware adds to the beauty of the kilts.

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