Trews Outfits

Great Kilts is providing not only clothing items but also complete outfits to complete your outlook. These Trews Outfits contain all the accessories that are added to your dress to compose your attire. Trews outfits contain tartan trousers, Jackets or waistcoats, shirts, belts, socks &shoes, etc.

Tartan Trouser

These trousers are made of tartan. Tartan is a warm cloth and when it is used in the trousers and kilts, and then those kilts are made for highlands which are relatively cooler areas. These trousers are a very comfortable option than pants. These trousers are the perfect choice for those who fed up with tight and itchy pants. These are looser than pants and very comfortable with a wonderful outlook. These trousers are a great alternative to the pants. These contain waistbands on the top of these trousers with a fastening. This button creates ease for the wearer to adjust the trouser around the waist. The waistband contains belt loops. There are two side pockets just like pants and two backside pockets.

Jackets and Waistcoats

There is a huge range of jackets and waistcoats which are used with these trousers. Such as Argyle Jackets, Doublets, Military Jackets, Bagpiper jackets, Bagpipe Jackets, Montrose Doublet, Royal Stewart Women Tartan coat, etc. These all are provided with tartan trousers in the form of trews outfits on Great Kilts. These all are customized according to your needs. Fabric variation, color variation, hardware variations, and size variations are available according to the requirement.


In the Trews outfits, there are a number of accessories that are added to the outfit which adds on the beauty of this outfit. Such as shirts, belts, socks & shoes, etc. The shirts are made up of 100% cotton. Belts are usually available in the leather. This leather is cow leather due to which leather is heavy duty and has a solid finish. Shoes are also in leather and socks are available in acrylic. Scroll down to watch the whole range of Trews Outfits.

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